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Sweet Beginnings
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Our founder, Jennifer Cook, is a mom to two kids, a dog, and Cook’s Ice Cream & Sweet Boutique! Growing up, Jennifer loved

ice cream as a special treat after softball and basketball games as a student athlete and later as a coach.


It was through this love of teaching and coaching that she met her husband of 17 years back when she was a student teacher at Elgin High. As a teacher, she loved working with young people and sharing her talents until she had two of her own. After the kids were born, she took time off to raise them by volunteering at the preschool and church and taking them on outings—especially to local parks and ice cream shops, of course!


After a re-entering the workforce and learning events-planning, marketing, communications, and other skills, Jennifer had always aspired to be  an entrepreneur since her baby-sitting business back in 7th grade. Cook's Ice Cream began with a small pushcart selling hand-scooped ice cream in Festival Park in 2017. As the first vendor to be allowed a license, Jennifer paved the way for other vendors and the 1974 ban on ice cream trucks was lifted the following year as well. As the business began to specialize in larger corporate events and festivals, her presence at the park became limited but you will still find Cook's Ice Cream at many Elgin community events.


As an ice cream caterer and food truck operator, Jennifer enjoys being a part of people’s family celebrations such as weddings,

birthdays and graduations…sharing in special moments where memories are made. With a love for people, a spiritual gift of

serving, and delicious ice cream, the best part of the job is bringing joy to others by making their ice cream dreams come true!

The precious smiles of gratitude on the faces of our awesome clients are the ultimate reward. And as a family business, the Cook’s

are right there with them, smiling and joining in the fun!


Cook’s Ice Cream prides itself as a community partner and has donated to many charitable causes. Jennifer remains active in her community as a volunteer and was awarded the Outstanding Woman of Elgin award in 2015. As a certified teacher, she volunteers at her children’s school whenever possible. With continued success, she hopes to continue to be a Blessing to others.

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