Scoop Bus


Hand-Dipped or Novelty Ice Cream Truck 

Perfect for block parties, festivals and community events!

Hand-Scooped Ice Cream Truck Service

($500 minimum) which includes a $175 Service fee and $4-5 a person depending on sizes, custom flavors and the demand of the date / time of event and guest count. Basic service features a standard scoop 5 oz. scoop in a cup or cone. Choice of 4-6 flavors at a time, customi-selected flavors may be accommodated based on schedule for an additional charge. In most cases, events are charged as a per-person fee in addition to the minimum truck rental fee. 

Novelty Ice Cream service which includes a $175 truck fee and begins at $2.50 a unit.  Perfect for large groups who are in need of quick service. Perfect for school events or corporate events where there are many people with a limited time frame. Some of the products that we carry are Luigi's Italian Ice, Haagen-Dazs Bars, Drumstick Cones, Snickers Ice Cream Bars, Nestle Cookie Sandwiches, and more based on seasonal availability. CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE 

The Ice Cream Truck Reimagined for a New Generation

Why Cook's Ice Cream Scoop Bus?   Our hand-dipped ice cream is fresh and scooped right when you order it, unlike a novelty product which contains more preservatives, artificial ingredients and plastic packaging. Why settle for Good Humor when you can have Great Ice Cream how you want it, wherever you happen to be, with Cook's.